...or make income that doesn't require you to work more hours.

...downsize and adjust...

...grow your family...

...make room for your soon-to-be partner for life...

Maybe it's time to:

Selling a home probably crossed your mind because whether you know it or not, it's time for a change.

And with the real estate market always changing, when is it even a good time to sell a home?

It's totally understandable to pick the less-chaotic route—the one without the bidding wars.

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I've helped home owners and investors sell their property so they can move onto the next chapter.

Come, let's take a tour inside.

Do you feel like you've outgrown your home but are still unsure about selling it?

And here's the treat: you don't have to do it alone.

...even when the market seems to be against you.

Whichever one(s) made you nod your head, the question isn't 'when' to sell but how to sell your home...

...minus the paralysis analysis.

Let's sell your current home and get started on your next chapter...

  • Cultivate a long-term relationship with you that goes beyond the transaction
  • Organize details like cleaning services and marketing efforts so you don't have to
  • Negotiate while representing you truthfully so you can get the best possible return
  • Turn complicated real estate market stats into plain English so you know what to look for (and what to avoid)
  • Ask you what you think before sharing their thoughts

If you're ready to work with a real estate agent who will...

Because selling your home doesn't have to mean selling your sanity.

And I don't slack off.

I do the homework and give you a executive summary of the real estate market so you can make the decision that best serves you and your loved ones.

I'm in the business of taking things off your real estate plate. 

Booking open houses? I got that.

Marketing your home and making it look like it came straight from HGTV? You're covered.

Negotiating offers left, right, and centre? Don't you worry 'bout a thing.

I'm fueled by helping owners like you transition into the next chapter without you organizing everything.

Pop the champagne or favourite beverage—you've sold your house!

Celebrate this milestone through a lunch on your moving day, courtesy of myself and the team.

04 Celebrate

Was the house ever clean if there are no photos/videos to show for it?

Not to worry—professional photography, videography, and 3D home tours will highlight every corner in your home to showcase its story and invite buyers to imagine theirs. 

Your home will also be featured in carefully-crafted brochures and digital platforms (like Facebook and Instagram.

03 Showcase

A professional stager will reimagine your house that buyers won't be able to resist—even you!

And that last-minute panic you feel when visitors are on their way but your house is a complete mess?

Cleaning services will come to your aid before the open house and before you move so you can focus and enjoy the process.

02 Stage

We’ll go over the nitty-gritty details of buying a home, like paperwork and costs, to set you up for success.

By the end of this part, I’ll help set up an appointment between you and a mortgage broker/specialist to secure a mortgage rate.

All you have to do is clear your calendar!

01 Strategize

Because selling your home should be as memorable as buying your home.

Selling your home, stress-free style.

The Process


I'd be happy to set up a time that works for both of us, over your favourite beverage to talk about your home and where you're at.

Start your new adventure.

Ready to take the leap?