Because let's be honest, whether it's your first home or your fifth, buying or selling real estate can be scary, intimidating, chaotic...or all of the above.

And you have enough things to worry about.

When it's time to buy or sell your home or property, get a realtor who'll walk you through what to look for.

Have a seat, grab your favourite beverage, along with questions about real estate and beyond, and let's talk.

...what have been and what could be...

...steps and leaps...

...firsts and lasts...

Stories of...

Finding a place big enough to house your stories.

After working for real estate developers for three years, I found a niche that was calling my name:

Because even though the market will always change, you deserve a real estate agent who works in your best interests—always.

I currently work with the #1 Team in the Fraser Valley, Katrina and the Team, with eXp Realty. I'm blessed to work with a team that's committed to excellence in serving people well—whether they be clients or members of the greater community.

With the support and trust of our amazing clients, I'm grateful to have be the #1 Agent for 2023 and #5 Agent for 2022 at Katrina & The Team and earned the "Constantly Connected" award for making the most calls as well as the "Highlight Reel" award for having the most 5 Star Google Reviews. 

I hope to help more growth-driven people like you find a home where they can thrive or seamlessly transition into the next chapter...

...without feeling overwhelmed by the real estate market and worrying about who they can trust

I've helped people in all seasons of life navigate an ever-changing real estate market and find a home to house their stories.

HI, I'M Sam.

 I don't see our relationship as a transaction—I'm here for all your real estate needs, closing and beyond (because they change!)


I believe there's no such thing as overcommunication—I quickly respond and book whatever's needed in a timely manner while keeping you in the loop


I translate complex real estate mumbo jumbo into plain English so you can feel empowered to make the best possible decision for you and your loved ones


I take a different approach than most realtors:

I'd love to help you find yours.

I live in Surrey, BC with my family of four (eldest child—represent).

One of the things I'm most proud of is helping my own family find a new home in a transition season of our lives—I recently graduated from my honours undergrad degree in Human Resources and Marketing while my baby sister entered university.

These days, I get to live out my passion of meeting people over our favourite beverages (coffee for me), exchanging stories, and finding a home to house them in.

I'm in the business of helping people like you find a place to house stories of growth (another word for 'change') and resilience.



I'd be happy to set up a time that works for both of us, over your favourite beverage to talk about where you're at.

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